Code42, the modern endpoint backup company, is a global SaaS providing automatic, continuous cloud backup and complete visibility and control of end-user data. With Code42, IT and security teams can pinpoint data loss and monitor data movement resulting from insider threat, recover data after loss-no matter what caused it--and respond to data breach rapidly and accurately, with or without the device. More than 39,000 organizations—including the most recognized enterprise brands in business and education worldwide—trust our highly secure cloud solutions to protect employee data. For more information, visit


Solving the Data Migration Challenge with Modern Endpoint Backup

Download this white paper to learn how Code42 helps businesses protect and manage laptop/desktop data.

Modern Endpoint Backup Video

Today, organizations rely on modern endpoint backup and data visibility so when data loss, breach or theft occurs, you can ensure data recovery, rapidly return to work and reduce the overall risk to the enterprise.

Guide to Modern Endpoint Backup and Data Visibility

Endpoint data backup is the foundation of an effective enterprise data security strategy. With half of enterprise data living on the endpoints, the attack surface is wide and the risk of data leakage, loss, theft and breach is great. Learn how modern endpoint backup protects your data, reduces risk and ensures recovery in a dangerous world.

Data on the Edge Blog

Data on the Edge is a corporate security newsroom, bringing technology professionals research, opinions, best practices and news from around the world. Today, the enterprise is porous and the threat landscape is growing as fast as security technologies. Experts at Code42, the endpoint data protection and management leader, are always exploring the challenges of data security from all angles.